The Forwards genomic bulls

Help fast-track genetic gain in your herd with The Forwards®, LIC’s European-grown team of genomic bulls.

The Forwards bulls are from LIC’s Irish Bull Breeding programme (IBB), aimed at delivering premium LIC genetics to European farmers faster.

The IBB uses only top quality animals to breed from. The bull mothers are cows from some of the finest herds in Ireland, most with strong LIC pedigrees. Then these high-EBI cows are mated with the very best of LIC’s daughter proven bulls – graduates of our rigorous four-year Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) that produces many of New Zealand’s top bulls.

The latest genomic technology

By using the latest genomic technology to select the bulls, we narrow the 5-year wait that occurs when using daughter proofs. As a result, fast-tracking genetic improvement on your farm.

Our breeding experts examine the bulls’ pedigree, physical attributes and cow family information to help confirm the bloodlines will improve the genetic merit of your herd.

Additionally, using both EBI genomic evaluation and LIC’s powerful genomic evaluation tool, the Single Step Animal Model (SSAM), provides a more accurate estimate of each bull’s genetic quality at a young age than from ancestry alone.

Uniquely, these bulls have both gBW and gEBI figures, with the very best picked for The Forwards team.

View The Forwards bull team online or contact your farm solutions consultant to order.

Help fast-track genetic gain in your herd

Contact your farm solutions consultant for more information on The Forwards genomic bulls.

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