Walford College Monitor Farm

Keep up-to-date with the exciting work going on at our monitor farm in the UK, Walford College Farm, as they transition to a block-calving system.

Calving season at Walford College Farm

Calving season at Walford

Walford College Farm is currently in its fifth week of calving. LIC Pasture to Profit Consultant gives an update on how the farm is tracking...

Fodder beet for supplement feeding at Walford College dairy farm

Summer 2023 at Walford

Read the latest update from Sean Chubb on summer at Walford College Farm. With most of the cows now dry, they are now preparing for...

Walford update – a beet idea

The latest update and recommendations from LIC's UK monitor farm at Walford College. An idea has been introduced to grow fodder beet, which could lower...

Walford College farm cows

Walford update – January 2022

We cover the latest news from LIC's innovative Walford College monitor dairy farm including results from the first three weeks of mating and recommendations for...

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