Artificial breeding

LIC sires are bred from the best cattle genetics in New Zealand. 

Our advanced artificial breeding has contributed to improved productivity of cow herds and the increased profitability of our customers’ dairy farming businesses across the UK and round the globe. Contact a farm solutions consult if you need support with artificial insemination or an AI technician.

LIC dairy cows grazing

LIC breeds

Increase your herd’s genetic value with LIC genetics. Having a profitable dairy herd begins with picking the right genetics for your farm.

LIC UK bull teams for breeding more productive dairy cows

Bull teams

Hand pick the best of LIC sires to meet your breeding criteria including Once-a-Day, High Imput and A2.

High genetic merit heifer calves bred from LIC sexed semen

Sexed semen

Get more high genetic merit heifer calves with LIC sexed semen. This tried and tested technology gives UK dairy farmers a 90% chance of producing a female calf.

Cattle grazing on a dairy farm supplied by LIC


LIC incorporates genomic estimations in its animal evaluations, providing benefits to British farmers such as access to elite genomic sires and better breeding value estimations.

Jersey cows heading to the milking shed

A2/A2 bulls

Meet the growing demand for A2/A2 milk by using our A2/A2 bull team to breed A2/A2 cows.

Variable milking

LIC developed the Variable Milking Selection Index (VMSI) to help farmers in the UK and across the world breed dairy cows that are ideally suited to a more flexible milking environment.

Cows in Feedlot

High input

LIC’s high input selection index helps British farmers select bulls that are more likely to breed daughters that will last and perform well in higher production environments.

LIC UK SGL short gestation length bull

SGL bull semen

Boost the profits from your dairy cows with LIC’s Short Gestation Length (SGL) semen.

Wagyu adds value to you non-replacement calves

Wagyu beef

Wagyu semen adds value non-replacement cows by producing Wagyu-cross calves. It is renowned across the UK and around the world for its high level of fat marbling, making it extremely tender, juicy and delicious.

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