Heat detection

Identify more cows in heat, improve your artificial insemination (AI) results and increase your profits by using LIC heat detection products.

Effective heat detection leads to higher AI success, which gives you more cows in-calf, a tighter calving pattern and extra milk in the vat, improving productivity and profitability for your farm.

Benefits of good heat detection

Optimal heat detection results are achieved by combining paddock observations with heat detection aids. 

Good heat detection gives you: 

  • More accuracy in identifying true heats
  • A better chance of cows getting in-calf
  • A tighter calving pattern
  • Cows that milk for longer periods
  • Less missed or wrongly identified heats
LIC Scratch Patch

LIC Scratch Patch Heat DetectionLIC Scratch Patch heat detectors are cost-effective and efficient aids. When mating activity occurs the silver layer rubs off to reveal a fluorescent colour.

  • Self-adhesive so there’s no need for gluing or heating
  • Five fluorescent, easy-to-spot colours – red, yellow, pink, green, blue
  • Multiple colours allows for multiple rounds of heat detection
  • Friction based technology helps indicate the approximate level of mating that has occurred.
LIC Heat Patch Plus

LIC Heat Patch Plus Heat DetectionLIC Heat Patch Plus heat detection aids are our premium patches for easy and accurate identification. The new technology enables the dye to bleed right to the edges making them highly visible and indicating the length of time a cow has been on heat.

  • Dye can spread right to the edges of the patch for greater visibility and accuracy
  • Self-adhesive – no glue required
  • Available in three colours – red, pink, blue
  • Four second time release technology to help identify true standing heats.
Donaghys tail paint

Donaghys Tail Paint Heat DetectionDonaghys tail paint is a simple and inexpensive way to identify your cows on heat. The fluorescent paint is highly visible, weather resistant and non-irritating to cows. 

  • Available in six highly visible colours – blue, green, red, yellow, pink and orange
  • Easy to apply with a built-in brush cap
  • Oil-based formula can last up to 30 days in suitable conditions.

LIC recommends British farmers use heat detection products in conjunction with industry recommended heat detection methods. For more advice read the following guides:

DairyNZ’s InCalf Book for block-calvers 

AHDB’s The InCalf guide for GB farmers with block calving herds

AHDB’s InCalf Guide for all-year-round farmers

Identify more cows in heat

Contact LIC’s UK distributor Cogent to purchase your heat detection products.

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