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Improve your dairy herd profitability and sustainability with our world-class genetics and farm consultancy from our expert team across the UK.

Holstein Friesian calves on a dairy farm

Artificial breeding

LIC sires are bred from the best cattle genetics in New Zealand. Our advanced artificial breeding has contributed to improved productivity of cow herds and the increased profitability of our customers’ dairy farming businesses across the UK and round the globe.

Farm consultancy

Pasture to Profit is a collaborative network of like-minded consultants and dairy farmers around the UK dedicated to maximising profits from pasture-based dairy farming.

LIC heat detection products

Heat detection

Identify more cows in heat, improve your artificial insemination (AI) results and increase your profits by using LIC
heat detection products.

Using a plate meter on Castiles Farm, Yorkshire Dales, England

Plate meter

Effective feed budgeting is the key to meeting the needs of grazing livestock whilst optimising pasture use efficiency and maintaining pasture quality.

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