Pasture to Profit updates

Read our Pasture to Profit updates for advice on how to tackle current challenges on-farm, and improve the profitability and resilience of your dairy farming business.

Pasture to Profit update – July 2024

In our latest Pasture to Profit update, our consultants share some recommendations to keep your farm on-track after a cooler, windier start to summer.

LIC UK Pasture to Profit update - winter 2023

Pasture to Profit update – summer 2023

As summer comes to a close, our Pasture to Profit Consultants share how conditions are stacking up on-farm and give some tips to help set you up for the coming month. 

Soil fertility and health can improve resilience to price volatility

Fertiliser prices have tripled for nitrogen and doubled for phosphorus and potassium. So, what can we do to improve soil fertility and health to reduce inputs and cover some of the rising costs? Independent grassland consultant, Dr George Fisher, gives some pointers.

10-in-7 milking in the UK

Pasture to Profit consultant Piers Badnell looks at the opportunities with 10-in-7 milking and the experiences of four UK dairy farmers using this system on their farms.

Utilising grazed grass with higher yielding cows

Input costs and carbon footprint are among the forces pushing dairy producers to make more milk from grass. Supporting AHDB’s grass campaign, grassland specialist Piers Badnell suggests even higher production herds can get more milk from grazing.

How resilient is your business?

With the price of running a business on the rise, LIC’s lead Pasture to Profit consultant, Sean Chubb, gives some tips on how to ensure your business is resilient in these challenging times.

Bloat – Be Aware

Is bloat around the corner? Pasture to Profit consultant, Piers Badnell, tells you to keep a look out.

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