Pitt Käch Organic Farm, Switzerland

KiwiCross® cows a hit on organic pasture based farm in Switzerland

The Pitt Käch family based in Switzerland chose KiwiCross® cows to graze on their organic pasture farm, something rarely seen in the country. Rewarded with salary bonuses paid by Cremo for the higher fat and protein content produced, they look at how breeding could be done there in the future.

LIC Pasture to Profit webinar

Pasture to Profit Insights 2021 webinar

LIC Europe offers you an opportunity to attend our Pasture to Profit Insight 2021 webinar. David Beca runs through key insights for UK dairy farmers in these unpredictable times.

LIC why BCS is so important

Why BCS is so important

Bess Jowsey from LIC looks at body condition as a precursor to herd health. It’s important dairy farmers have some understanding around body condition score (BCS) and what this should look like for their herd.

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