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Walford College Farm spring 2024 update

Pasture to Profit consultant Sean Chubb shares the current conditions on Walford College Farm and discusses recommendations coming up to balance/magic day.

Josh and Lauren - Dairy Farmer of the Year finalists 2023

What gets you to the finals of Dairy Farmer of the Year?

Josh and Lauren, from Hampreston Manor Farm, secured a position as one of the top three finalists for the 2023 Famers Weekly Dairy Farmer of the Year award. So, let’s find out a little more about Josh & Lauren and the drivers of success behind their farming business.

Walford College Farm winter 23-24

Start of mating and winter at Walford

Both the mating and winter seasons have arrived at Walford College Farm. LIC Pasture to Profit Consultant Sean Chubb shares the current situation and recommendations for the monitor farm.

LIC AI tech McKenzie Watson

First time in the UK for Kiwi technician McKenzie

Each year it is customary for a group of New Zealand LIC trained AI technicians to travel to the UK for the breeding season, made possible by the fact it is autumn in New Zealand when the UK is heading into the spring.

Calving season at Walford College Farm

Calving season at Walford

Walford College Farm is currently in its fifth week of calving. LIC Pasture to Profit Consultant gives an update on how the farm is tracking and his recommendations ahead of mating.

10-in-7 milking – post-season results

With staff shortages, and a work/life balance becoming more important, more and more UK dairy farmers are looking at the possibility of changing milking frequencies.

LIC UK Pasture to Profit update - winter 2023

Pasture to Profit update – summer 2023

As summer comes to a close, our Pasture to Profit Consultants share how conditions are stacking up on-farm and give some tips to help set you up for the coming month. 

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