Walford College Monitor Farm

Walford College farm cows

Walford update – January 2022

We cover the latest news from LIC’s innovative Walford College monitor dairy farm including results from the first three weeks of mating and recommendations for the upcoming weeks.

Walford College farm’s improvement journey with LIC

For the last two years, LIC has been working with North Shropshire College on their Walford College campus farm. Together we want to improve the sustainability of the farm by improving the milk from pasture, the longevity of the cows and the financial stability of the business.

Dairy Cows Grazing Winter

Successful grazing in winter

LIC UK’s North Shropshire college monitor farm to trial whether they can successfully graze through winter.


Walford update

We take a look at how LIC’s Walford College monitor farm is currently performing.

Walford College review

Walford webinar 1 – A review of the first year

Welcome to one of two webinars reviewing Walford’s first year as LIC’s monitor farm. A very informative overview and update on how they plan to drive performance forward this coming year.

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