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In this latest webinar, Sean Chubb leads the discussion with Tom Moore, farm manager at Walford College Monitor farm.

Discussion covers:

Grazing/ pasture review:

  • Review winter growth
  • Review turnout covers and first round
  • What are reseeding is being undertaken
  • Why BETA maize is not long being looked at

Weighing of stock:

  • Weighing of cows, what has this shown up
  • Weighting of calves, how is this going against targets and where they will end up in the herd weight wise

With the cows in a paddock or in the shed if need be, to get comparison between biggest and smallest cows.

Future breeding decisions:

  • Has the weighing of the cows influenced the decisions
  • Review cows bred to Jersey to show size and volume difference

For further information please contact Sean 07833 228501  or email schubb@liceurope.com  

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by Katrina Younger
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