Alternative milking regimes – what are your options?

Interest in alternative milking frequencies is growing. This may be because of the reduction in workload during early calving or late lactation as milk yield starts to drop off. Or some farmers implement alternative miking regimes to make their farm an even more attractive workplace. Whatever the reason for thinking about an alternative regime, watch this LIC Europe webinar to help make an informed decision.

In New Zealand, 55-60% of farmers move away from TAD milking at some stage of the season. So, it’s no surprise that LIC has a wealth of information on the topic.

Tune in to hear alternative milking regime expert and LIC farm consultant, Brent Boyce, and LIC senior scientist, Steve Davis, deliver their insights (20 mins each) on alternative milking options. Then a Q&A panels answers the hard-hitting questions, such as: 

  • What are the pros and cons of different milking frequencies?
  • What happens to the cows when you change your milking frequency?
  • What impact will this have on volume and milk solids?
  • What are the long and short-term implications for udder development and lifetime production?
  • What happens if I go OAD during peak months to reduce volume?
  • Does cow type matter?
  • What will happen to my SCC?

The Q&A panel will also include Emer Kennedy from Teagasc who is looking after OAD trials in Moorepark, and Martin Ryan who currently milks 3in2 on one farm and OAD on his second unit in Co. Tipperary. 

Contact us for more information on alternative milking regimes.

by Michelle Lamerton
International Marketing Coordinator
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