KiwiCross® cows a hit on organic pasture based farm in Switzerland

The Pitt Käch family from Gampelen BE rely on full pasture for their KiwiCross® cows and are rewarded for their high milk content by Cremo. They ask why all processors don’t do that and what strategy dairy farming could pursue in the future?

Company records of the Pitt Käch family:

Susanne Käch and Joss Pitt. Raphael (23) and Samuel (22) from Gampelen BE

LN:  32 ha

Management:  organic

Livestock:  60 KiwiCross® dairy cows

Milk production:  340,000 kg per year; 6,000 kg per cow and year, milk content: 4.6% fat and 3.7% protein

Branches of the business:  milk production and yoghurt production

Workers:  Susanne Käch and Joss Pitt, Raphael Pitt, two helpers in yoghurt production

For more information check out the full article on Die Grüne website.

LIC KiwiCross cows

Bio Suisse, the federation for swiss organic farmers, visits Susanne Käch and Joss Pitt’s farm. Check out the article and video.

by Katrina Younger
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