Reseeding – evolution, not revolution

As this is the time of year farmers will be thinking of autumn reseeds, Pasture to profit consultant Sean Chubb runs through some options to help mitigate the risk of a feed shortage during summer, as a result of a prolonged dry period.

Reseeding options explained:

  • Ryegrass and clover
  • Supplement feed on hand
  • Dirty water use and management
  • Change summer grazing management
    • Rolling deferred, lift average farm cover, standing hay/deferred grass
  • Ryegrass, Cocksfoot and clover swards
  • Ryegrass and clover + tall fescue and clover
  • Planting summer crops

Listen to the Sean’s helpful tips here:

If you would like some help to find the option to suit you best, contact your local pasture to profit consultant.

by Katrina Younger
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