Pasture to Profit

Walford College Farm spring 2024 update

Pasture to Profit consultant Sean Chubb shares the current conditions on Walford College Farm and discusses recommendations coming up to balance/magic day.

Walford College Farm winter 23-24

Start of mating and winter at Walford

Both the mating and winter seasons have arrived at Walford College Farm. LIC Pasture to Profit Consultant Sean Chubb shares the current situation and recommendations for the monitor farm.

LIC UK Pasture to Profit update - winter 2023

Pasture to Profit update – summer 2023

As summer comes to a close, our Pasture to Profit Consultants share how conditions are stacking up on-farm and give some tips to help set you up for the coming month. 

Walford update – breeding plan and future performance

This 2022/23 season the first LIC-bred heifers from the original Holstein cows entered the Walford herd. Hopefully these heifers will help lift the milk fat and protein percentages of the herd to take full advantage of the new contract with Joseph Heler Cheese this season. So, what we expect from these heifers and others to come? Sean Chubb reports.

Walford update – a beet idea

The latest update and recommendations from LIC’s UK monitor farm at Walford College. An idea has been introduced to grow fodder beet, which could lower concentrate levels. Read more.

Soil fertility and health can improve resilience to price volatility

Fertiliser prices have tripled for nitrogen and doubled for phosphorus and potassium. So, what can we do to improve soil fertility and health to reduce inputs and cover some of the rising costs? Independent grassland consultant, Dr George Fisher, gives some pointers.

10-in-7 milking in the UK

Pasture to Profit consultant Piers Badnell looks at the opportunities with 10-in-7 milking and the experiences of four UK dairy farmers using this system on their farms.

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