Walford webinar 1 – A review of the first year

Welcome to this informative webinar as we venture back to Walford to review its first year as our monitor farm and look at how they plan to drive performance forward this coming year. 

What the Open Day webinars cover:

  • Tom Moore and Sean Chubb review the targets, milk production and financial performance of the past 12 months and what they are targeted to achieve in the next 12 months.
  • Nathan Loewenstein from Shropshire farm vets also discusses what can be done to keep the cows within the autumn block and also to tighten the block.
  • Tom Moore and Sam Evington, UK sales person for CowManager tags discusses the herd management tags and how they’re used to drive performance on farm and what else can be done with them in the future.
  • Tom Moore and Emyr Brown discuss last years breeding plan and the plan for the next year.
  • Tom Moore will talk about how he managed to get the Holsteins to graze while also ensuring they got back in calf and produced milk
  • Helen Mathieu, area sales manager for Germinal, discusses how to lift the production of the poorest producing paddocks and talk with Tom around options for the spring reseeds.
by Katrina Younger
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